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How to Avoid “Mask-Face”

Are you experiencing mask-face? I am, and my skin is screaming for some relief! Most countries around the world are lifting stay-at-home orders amid COVID-19. Going out grocery shopping, running errands, and working require masks and face coverings. If you’re like me and suffer from dry skin and eczema, then covering your face might be exasperating dryness and causing irritations. So what can you do to relieve your skin? Here are some things you can do today to help keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Frequently wash your mask or face covering

If you are using the same reusable face mask, it’s a good idea to wash it every other day or once a day if you wear it for long periods. Use a mild soap or detergent to wash by hand, and don’t forget to rinse well. Leaving even a tiny amount of soap can cause more irritation.

Use fragrance-free skincare products

Ensure your serums, moisturizers, toners, and eye creams don’t have any harsh fragrances that could irritate your skin. Look for water-based products that soften the skin.

Don’t beat your entire face

It’s okay to apply makeup from your forehead to your nose if you are wearing a face covering. Just remember to keep your non-exposed skin hydrated and thoroughly wash all of your makeup off at night.

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